Have you tried so many diets?
You have tried so many diets but they did not work, or they work, but you put your weight back on.

You need to find out the underlying causes that are keeping you overweight and preventing you from reducing you weight to the level you desire.

Are you aware that excess of body fat results in hormonal imbalances leading to ovulation problems that impair your fertility?

Would you like to control your weight and improve your health and balance your hormones to increase your chances to conceive a healthy baby? Take the first step and make an appointment to determine which program is appropriate for you. I will take into account your lifestyle, food preferences, healthy history and medication that you may be taking.

My weight loss programs are not based on meal replacements or crash diets as they do not alter eating habits that lead to excess weight. Crash diets or meal replacements diets can cause nutritional deficiencies, constipation, put stress on your heart, increase the risk of developing osteoporosis and you will lose muscle tissue, which is so important to keep you in good health.

Extreme diets which claim instant weight loss with little effort often do more harm than good.

My weight loss programs will shed excess of fat at the same time maintaining all the essentials nutrients that your body needs. My weight loss programs will teach you healthy food choices, involve an active lifestyle, provide supportive environment and promote habit change.

On your first consultation a comprehensive health analysis will be taken to find out the underlying causes of your weight imbalances. It will be discussed with you if you need further tests to determine if any metabolic imbalances or other health condition is affecting your weight loss.

After learning the causative factors of your weight imbalance It will be discussed which program would be more appropriate for you. The following clinically proven programs can be offered for you and we will choose one that is more appropriate for your lifestyle and food preferences:

  • Wellness Weight Loss (if you want to lose less than 5 kilos)
  • Ketoslim Weight Loss (if you want to lose over 5 kilos)

Lia Mills
is a Certified Naturopath, Health Consultant and Ketoslim Weight Management Consultant. She is a registered provider with all the major Health Funds.