Shamanic Healing is an ancient healing tradition that is passed down from Shaman to Shaman.

Antonia Ruhl is one of the few privileged women that have been initiated as a Tribal Medicine Woman.

This great honor was bestowed upon Antonia Ruhl by the Medicine Man of the Amazon Kayapo tribe, after she passed many tests and because the Medicine Man believed her to the reincarnation of her great-grandmother who had been a Medicine Woman of the Kayapo tribe.

Antonia learned many powerful healing modalities as part of her initiation and ongoing training with the Medicine Man.

Antonia lived with the Kayapo Indians for two years before the Medicine Man told her it was time to leave and take the sacred knowledge entrusted to her to the outside world

Over the years Antonia Ruhl has initiated thousands of spiritual seekers across five continents into various aspects of the sacred shamanic knowledge and teachings entrusted to her.