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  1. What is PAP-IMI?
  2. The Pap-IMI device creates an electromagnetic field which is directed to the troubling area, stimulating the healing process. The electromagnetic energy may help stimulate and activate growth and repair of tissue. The Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, or PEMF, is an innovative technological advancement that is a non invasive medical device, currently being evaluated for the treatment of Myalgia’s and Arthralgia’s through an Investigational Review Board, with the FDA.  Pap-IMI machine is currently registered with the Australian and New Zealand Therapeutic Goods Act (TGA).

  3. How does the Pap-IMI work?
  4. With close to 300,000 sessions conducted throughout the world, the Pap-IMI induces negative ions into the body at the cellular and sub-cellular level. The negative ions give the cells energy to which may help healing them faster than usual.

  5. How long does a session on the Pap-IMI take?
  6. The initial sessions takes 15-20 minutes. Subsequent visits ate 20-30 minutes depending on the nature of the condition.

  7. What conditions can the Pap-IMI help?
  8. Any condition where one complains of pain, decreased range of motion and swelling are present. This includes acute and chronic conditions or those that have occurred several years earlier.

  9. Are there any illnesses that are not treatable with the Pap-IMI?
  10. We are not out to ‘cure’ any disease only aid in the healing of such disease, illness or trauma to the human body. We cannot ‘treat’ cancer, AIDS etc with the intent to cure.

  11. Are there any side effects from using the Pap-IMI? If so, what are they?
  12. One can feel groggy (just like after a deep tissue massage) the next morning after a session if they do not drink enough water. The Pap-IMI helps the cells and body detoxify. Headache can occur if the head is not treated gradually enough or dehydration is present.

  13. How many sessions are needed before once can see a turn around on an illness?
  14. Most people feel better or a noticed improvement after the first session. We recommend 10 sessions to gain a complete impression how one will respond to Pap-IMI sessions.

  15. How often do I need to receive a treatment?
  16. The rule of thumb is to ensure your planned appointments are spaced to every other day and the duration of the sessions is determined by the condition. Your protocol will be set by the Pap-IMI operator.

    How much does a Pap-IMI session cost?

    Please check with the Natural Stress Therapy Receptionist for pricing details and packages.

  17. Can the Pap-IMI be used as a preventative device?
  18. The Pap-IMI may be used to help boost the immune system to stay ‘on top’ of certain signs and symptoms such as cold and flu.

  19. What does the Pap-IMI feel like when receiving a treatment?
  20. Most describe a Pap-IMI session as feeling like a burst of energy entering the body.

  21. What kinds of ions are induced into the body?
  22. Negative ions are induced into the body, allowing the electrical charge of the cells to increase.

  23. How long does the energy stay in the body after a Pap-IMI session?
  24. The energy may remain in the body for up to 72 hours.

  25. Is it ok to have a Pap-IMI session while I’m ovulating?
  26. It is fine to have a session while you are ovulating.

  27. I have started my period, is it ok to have a session?
  28. It is best not to have a Pap-IMI session while you have a heavy period. Please let your Pap-IMI operator know where you are in your cycle.

  29. Is it best to have a session before or after a transfer?
  30. It is recommended to have a session prior to your transfer.

  31. How much water should I drink prior to my Pap-IMI session?
  32. It is best to drink at least 2 cups of water prior to your session.

  33. Is it best to eat prior to a session also?
  34. As the Pap-IMI energises your cells in increases the detoxification and assimilation processes it is important that you supply your body with the correct nutrients to support your condition. It is worth exploring your nutrition and lifestyle factors to ensure that you are consuming optimal nutrients to aid your individual needs.