Lia Mills Herbalist & Naturopath


Lia Mills is an experienced Naturopath & Herbalist & Metaphysical Healer who integrates modern medicine & scientific methodology with traditional systems of healing.

Specialist areas are :
Infertility, Weight Loss, Detox, Hormonal Imbalances, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, and Metaphysical Healing.

Lia with Dr. Antonia Ruhl, the creator of The Amazon Fertility Program are delivering natural solutions & management for your fertility issues.

The Amazon Fertility Program will balance your body and optimize it for conceiving.

In addition, Lia has studied in several Ancient Traditional Metaphysical Schools which helped her to realize that we are dual in nature. We have a physical body and an energy body.

Any imbalance of the energy body will affect the health of our physical body.

Modern Medicine see us as having only physical chemistry acting and reacting in our bodies. Therefore, they concentrate exclusively on keeping physiological health.

This kind of view is incomplete if our spiritual dimension is not recognized as important as well to maintain our health and wellbeing.

Bachelor Degree of Natural Therapies (Naturopathy)
Post GradCert Nutrition Medicine
PostGrad Diploma Herbal Medicine
Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
Herbal Medicine Certificate
Celloid Mineral Prescriber Certificate
Advanced Ketoslim Weight & Health Management Consultant
Reiki Master/Practitioner
Advanced Theta Core Belief Reprogramming
Advanced Kriya Yoga Meditation (Kriyaban)
Certificate IV In Assessment and Workplace Training

ANPA – Australia Naturopathic Practitioners Association
NHAA – National Herbalists Association of Australia
AACNEM– Australia College of Nutrition & Environmental Medicine
AARP – Association of Australian Reiki Professionals
AMORC – Senior Member of Ancient & Mystical Order Rosae Crucis