Fertility Herbs from Antonia’s Amazon Healing Garden



Brazilian Fertility herbs have been revered by rainforest Indians for centuries. For thousands of years, the native Indians of Brazil, Northern Argentina, Paraguay , Bolivia and other South American countries have known about the wonderful medicinal purposes of vast array of plants that grow in these regions.

Dr Antonia Ruhl PhD, Time Line Therapist, Hypnotherapist, healer, spiritual teacher, and former Brazilian model and TV celebrity had her life turned around 30 years ago when she went to live with the Kayapo tribe in the heart of Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. She lived with the indigenous people who trained her in their ancient and secret healing arts. Antonia learned with the Medicine Man (shaman) that all plants are intelligent beings having an energetic part, which we can call the “Plant Spirit”. She learned how to communicate on a psychic level with the herbs to increase their potency by activating the herb”s healing properties.

Later, in life she moved to Australia and opened the Natural Stress Therapy clinic. She soon attracted a lot of media attention due to the success of her Amazon Fertility Program. Before any herb is given to a client, it goes through a shamanic process of psychic communication and blessings by using the sacred techniques that Antonia learned in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest, which increase the herbs’ healing properties.

Herbs often lose most of their potency due to long transport and storage periods and various processes required by quarantine regulations. With our blessed herbs their potency and healing abilities are recovered, because they always go through an unique blessing ritual and psychic communication,which allow the herbs to reconnect with Mother Earth, recharging the herbs’ vital force and their healing properties.

We have Amazon herbs for all your fertility and other health issues:

  • Female and Male Fertility Tonic
  • Fertility herbs for ovulation problems
  • Fertility herbs to improve sperm quality
  • Fertility herbs for fetus support
  • Fertility herbs for amenorrhea
  • Fertility herbs for dysmenorrhea and more…

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