We all know that for continuing good health, the answer is preventative health care. People who have periodic reassessments, they stay healthy. In a healthy body all body’s functions and glands work in perfect balance.

Extended Naturopathic Consultation will provide you a valuable early warning of any future health problems.

The Extended Naturopathic Consultation takes 90 minutes and includes:

  • Iridology Test
  • Biological Age Test (measures your cellular health, cellular vitality, toxicity, inflammation, fat mass, muscle mass, biological age, intracellular /extracellular fluid)
  • Indican Test (test for the presence and level of dysbiotic bacteria in the GI tract)
  • Zinc Tally test (low zinc level is related to low immune response and infertility)
  • HAA – Health Appraisal Assessment
  • DASS – Mood and stress Assessment
  • Hair Mineral and Heavy Metal Test (not included in the consultation fee).

If you would like to make an appointment for an Extended Naturopathic Consultation give us a call on 9650 6520.

Bring a sample of your first urine, in the morning, for the Indican Test.

Lia Mills is a registered Naturopath with most Private Health Insurance Funds, therefore your consultation fee is eligible for rebate.