Breathwork is a simple and safe technique which gives you the opportunity to see and change limiting thoughts and patterns from the past, which may be restricting you from living the life in the present

Dr.Antonia Ruhl, Phd is a Certified Counselor and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programing & Time Line Therapy.

Antonia Ruhl first learned breathwork with the tribal medicine man of the Kayapo tribe of Amazon Indians. Breathwork with Antonia must be experienced as it cannot be adequately described in words. Antonia’s focus is to assist you in releasing energetic and emotional blockages so that you are able create the life you choose and desire.

"The purpose of conscious breathing is not primarily the movement of air, but the movement of energy. If you do a relaxed, connected breathing cycle for a few minutes, you will begin to experience dynamic energy flows within your body. These energy flows are the merging of spirit and matter."

Leornard Orr