Antonia Ruhl has done extensive research to bring you what she believes to be the best Ultrasound and Bi-Polar Radio-Frequency device in the Australian market.

Specially imported for Natural Stress Therapy this is the first device of its kind in Australia.


Our Non-Surgical Facelift employs the latest in
Bi-Polar Radio-Frequency technology to rejuvenate your face.

Experience that instant glow through collagen rejuvenation.

Sample result after 8 treatments

Controlled Bi-Polar Radio-Frequency energy is focused into the deeper layers of your skin, effectively removing aged Collagen strands, resulting in tighter, younger looking skin.

This advanced technology achieves faster results by:

    Stimulating collagen rejuvenation (for wrinkle reduction)
    Stimulating the skins natural metabolism
    Facilitating the releasing of toxins
    Making the skin more absorbent to receiving active ingredients in our high quality post skin care products
    Cleansing pores
    Drawing out active acne and increasing blood circulation giving the skin a true healthy glow
    Evening skin complexion



Experience the benefits of Body Sculpting

using state of the art Ultrasound technology

combined with Bi-Polar Radio-Frequency technology.

Sample result after 8 treatments

The Ultrasound effectively causes a Cellulite Lymphatic Drain.

The Bi-Polar Radio-Frequency enhances the effectiveness
by making the Cellulite easier to eliminate.

Soothing Ultra Sonic pulses target adiposities (subcutaneous fat cells) causing them to vibrate away from the fibrous connective tissue between your skin and muscles. The Lymphatic system can then easily remove these cells, allowing your skin to look firmer, Naturally. The Bi-Polar Radio-Frequency technology further increases the liquidity of the fat cells enhancing the effect of each session.