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Welcome to the Home of the Amazon Fertility Program!

Natural Stress Therapy has been providing Natural Health & Beauty Solutions since 1990.

At Natural Stress Therapy we care deeply for each and every client and will go the extra mile to help you achieve your outcome.

Our Natural Fertility Treatment has achieved worldwide acclaim on several occasions and has assisted thousands of hopeful parents-to-be from around the world. Our famous Fertility Herbs are shipped around the world from our Melbourne clinic via reliable courier services.

While Fertility Treatment has become the primary focus of our clinic due to the incredible popularity of our Natural Fertility Treatment we continue to provide a broad range of health and beauty solutions.

We provide a full range of Naturopathy services, including Biological Age test, Iridology, Weight Loss, Detox and much more.

Our Hypnotherapy service is second to none both in terms of integrity and quality outcomes. Whether you want to quit smoking, achieve your perfect weight, gain self-confidence, need assistance getting pregnant or need help in resolving other troubling health issues we are here to provide you a high quality service. The aim of Hypnotherapy should be to align your Unconscious Mind (Nervous System) with your conscious goals allowing you to be successful in any area of your life.

One of our most powerful services is based on Timeline Therapy and is designed to release all past trauma and other negative emotions allowing you to live a healthier and happier life without carrying the pain from the past. Think of it as an Emotional Rebirth. For most people this is achieved in as little as four sessions. Why wait? Turn your life around today by doing a spring cleaning on your nervous system.

Whether you are interested in our Natural Fertility Treatment or any of our other wonderful products and services you can be certain of one thing, at Natural Stress Therapy we care enough to go the extra mile.

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